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We are one of the top employment and temporary work agencies on the market.

We specialize in cross-border recruitment, staff leasing, HR and payroll outsourcing. We operate on the international market using the potential of flexible forms of employment, building strong and lasting relationships with Clients and Candidates, and among them on the Polish market and in French-speaking countries. We believe that the mission of each work agency is to act in a responsible, transparent manner, based on dialogue with the Client, so our growing team of HR professionals are characterized by goal orientation, excellent level of service, high communication skills, high competence and professionalism.

We respond to the needs of the most demanding customers

Every day we assist our Clients in choosing the best staff, reducing operating costs and increasing competitiveness in the market. The solutions implemented by us save not only time and money, but above all, allow to focus on the tasks strategic for the Client’s organization. Our Clients appreciate our individual approach, pro-business activities, transparency and refined solutions that are designed precisely for their needs.
Respect, openness and teamwork are the keys to our success – we stay close to our Clients.

With us you will achieve even better business results

We feel responsible not only for the tasks entrusted to us, but also for the business of our Clients, so we adjust the proposed solutions to their needs. At every step of our project we take care of punctuality, reliability and the highest quality of service.

We speak your language

Business sincerity is more important to us than the implementation of the project at all costs. We make sure that every Client fully understands the issues related to the implementation of the service, including the rules of the service, the terms of its execution and financial settlement. The agreement is individual, with conditions corresponding to the needs and expectations of the other party. It is also a guarantee for the Client that we will act in a timely, legal and responsible manner.

What we can do for you:

  • we source and recruit employees (in Poland and in French-speaking countries)
  • we advise how to effectively conduct interviews with candidates and, on request of the Client, we assist in the recruitment interviews
  • we employ temporarily or for a long time and we lease employees
  • we delegate workers abroad, assisting with their return to the home country, helping them to find work
  • we take over the payroll commitments of our Clients, ensuring permanent care of the employees, as well as the different stages of their employment.

You are in good hands

  • For each project we carry out, we dedicate our Project Team, made up by Consultants specializing in the area in which our Client operates.
  • They are the first source of reliable information for the Client and they are responsible for reporting the effectiveness of the operations and implementation of services at the highest level.

With us you are guaranteed safety.

Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection service is an excellent option for Employers who want to reduce the time and cost of the recruitment process, do not have sufficient resources and tools to carry it out rapidly and/or have difficulty in reaching the appropriate candidates on their own. It is also the ideal option for Companies which depend on the confidentiality of their operations, shifting the burden of additional recruitment from the HR department of the Company to the external employment agency.

Within the Recruitment and selection service:

● we conduct a careful analysis of the initial situation and expectations of the Client – with particular emphasis on the specifics of the company, its organizational culture and past experience and practices in the sourcing, recruitment and selection of personnel

● we thoroughly analyze the job profile for which the recruitment was carried out, to determine together with the Client the competence and qualifications needed to work in this position

● we determine the schedule and scope of activities in the project, which – depending on the Client’s expectations – may include: recruitment marketing, attracting candidates from the market, selection of applications, conducting initial interviews with candidates (in the form of an interview by phone or on Skype), conducting structured interviews, preparing additional testing of knowledge and skills, etc.

The success of recruitment projects implemented with the support of our Group is provided by means of the following:

Extensive database of candidates

In reaching out to the best candidates we use our own database – built since 2007 and constantly updated – containing the data of almost 20,000 professionals from various industries. It not only increases the range of operations, but also provides a rapid and objective assessment of the level of difficulty of the recruitment project, and thereby reduces the risk of failure.

Multi-channel operations

Individual recruitment strategy developed for the needs of each project includes, among others, dedicated channels to reach a selected group of candidates. Therefore, regardless of the application currently held in the database we are always looking for new Candidates for our Clients. Long-term cooperation with job portals and excellent knowledge of the market allows us to take effective recruitment decisions. Also, it gives us confidence that the Client will choose from among the best Candidates.

Advanced selection tools

Many years of experience of our Consultants and advanced selection tools provide our Clients with reliable and objective assessment of the realistic potential of the recommended Candidates. Based on the discussions held and ordered tests, we prepare individual reports on selected individuals. They are developed according to the best standards of recruitment and allow the Client to make the final comparison and individual selection of the best Candidates.


As part of the Leasing of Staff service:

  • we acquire and recruit employees
  • we sign with employees a contract of temporary employment or civil law contract and we lease them on a temporary basis or for longer periods to hire them to work at our Client’s
  • for workers hired for employers in the French-speaking countries (recruitment and cross-border exchange of employees), we prepare them to go abroad, and after the completion of the project we coordinate their return to Poland
  • we coordinate all the HR and payroll obligations to employees: we hold employee documentation, issue certificates of employment, we calculate and pay wages, taxes and contributions, we prepare the appropriate declarations, etc.
  • during the execution of the project we are in constant contact with Clients and employees, we monitor their activities and provide the necessary information.


Would you like to know more?

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Cooperation with us on the basis of the Leasing of Staff service means:

Lower costs

Our Clients emphasize that the use of the potential of flexible forms of employment helps them to make significant savings in the budget of their Companies and to focus on key issues for their business.
Thanks to cooperation with us, Companies reduce the costs associated with recruitment and selection, administration, or the need to maintain or create new jobs, as well as gain valuable business time.


The “Try & Hire” option is an excellent opportunity to verify the competence and qualifications of the employee before hiring him for full-time. Our customers not only have the ability to check employee’s skills, but they can also quickly replace employees who did not meet their expectations. Thanks to these solutions, Companies cooperating with us are well protected against the risk of making wrong recruitment decisions.

Quick response to changes

Temporary work and staff leasing are also a great way to complete a team of employees in a flexible way. With the ability to instantly and freely increasing or reducing the need for additional staff, our Clients perfectly cope with seasonality, periodic increases in orders and sudden absences of employees.
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